Frequently Asked Questions

Enjoy your liquor knowing your glass is Ultra-clear, Lead-free crystal glass. Durable, strong and safe.
Although most AO products are dishwasher safe we strongly recommend hand washing. This will prolong the life of our drinkware and your enjoyment!
Our decanter is 750ml etched, lead-free, weighted glass, the perfect combination of formidable and stylish. Our glasses are 310ml, etched, lead-free, weighted glass that are heavy enough to hold it down no matter what kind of party you have.
Yes. Yes, they would. Earn the enduring admiration and lifetime love of friends and family by gifting them a truly premium set of drinkware and cocktail kits.

Orders and Returns

Yes, you will be provided with a tracking number. Hold on to it!
Never hesitate to reach out to us if you believe that your order is behind schedule.
We want to make sure you love our products. If something goes wrong please reach out to us first! We will replace what you need for FREE.

If You Have More Questions

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